Handwheels with fold-away handles for safety and convenience

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Handwheels with fold-away handles for safety and convenienceElesa is promoting its broad range of solid and spoked handwheels with fold-away handles, and also its crank handles with fold-away handles. Fold-away handles are often required in spaces where they would otherwise be a safety hazard, such as where the handwheel is motor-driven or where a protruding handle may catch clothing. By folding the handle into the body of the wheel, the problem is solved while retaining convenience and ease of use.

Solid handwheels such as the ESW, VDS, VDT and VDO all have +IR options, as do the VRTP, ETW, GN322.3 and VR.FP versions.

Elesa has also managed to incorporate a fold-away handle into the EMW monospoke handwheel and the MT crank handle. Revolving handles in resilient technopolymer or solid Duroplast are available to match the handwheel design. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at:

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