Integrated brushless servomotor-drive with high power density

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Integrated brushless servomotor-drive with high power densityMclennan Servo Supplies is now supplying the recently launched Allied Motion EnduraMax 75i integrated brushless servomotor-drive. Combining a high-power-density 75mm diameter brushless DC motor, an integrated all-digital drive and a 4096-count magnetic encoder, the EnduraMax 75i motor-drive has both +/-10V DC or 4-20mA command inputs or it can be controlled via optional CANopen or Modbus for flexible system interfacing. The neatly packaged unit for torque, speed and/or position control is available in a choice of three frame lengths and voltages of 12, 24 and 48V DC for continuous rated torque up to 1Nm and speeds to 3900rpm.

The EnduraMax 75i will be of interest to both OEMs and end users as a competitively priced automation component for linear and rotary actuators, and for simple distributed motion systems such as parts transport or spacing conveyors. The integrated motor-drive will also be of benefit for machine upgrades - replacing similarly sized brushed DC servo motors with much higher dynamic performance, together with longer life, reduced maintenance and quieter operation. Its low-voltage operation and high motor efficiency will also be of significance for battery-powered applications.

Set-up for current, velocity or position loop and motor tuning is made straightforward using the built-in RS232 communications port and the supplied PC-based IN Control HMI software. The port can also be used for direct position indexing or users may index via optional CANopen or Modbus. A complement of six inputs and three outputs are programmable for limit switches, drive enable, drive faults and more.

Standard features

The integrated motor-drive carries full drive electronics protection including over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse-voltage, with I2T and Class F (155degC) rated motor windings. The robust and durable anodised motor and drive housing has IP50 protection as standard, with heavy duty bearings and separate D-type connectors for motor power, encoder and I/O; a third connector is used for the optional fieldbus interface.

Other options include a temperature-activated cooling fan for higher power capability, holding brake, customised shaft and/or mounting, IP67 protection, sealed bearings, and a low-power sleep mode that is especially useful for battery-powered applications.

The Allied Motion EnduraMax family also includes an integrated brushless DC drive-motor for unidirectional speed control only. The EnduraMax 75s is suitable for mobile HVAC systems, liquid and gas pumps, fans and blowers, compressors, constant-speed conveyor drives and similar applications. Contact Mclennan Servo Supplies for more information about Allied Motion EnduraMax integrated drive-motors.

29 September 2011

Mclennan Servo Supplies Ltdvisit website
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