Safety light curtains can detect fork lift trucks

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Safety light curtains can detect fork lift trucksSICK UK is adding a new fork lift truck (FLT) detection capability to its M4000 light curtain range to permit pallet loading and unloading into light-guarded areas, such as infeed and outfeed conveyor systems, while protecting the safety of personnel.

The M4000 FLT multiple light beam entry and exit protection system is supplied with an easy-to-connect FLT ground loop detection system that can be configured to recognise forklifts and pallet trucks permitted to enter a protected area.

Seb Strutt, a Senior Product Manager for Sick UK, explains: "Loading and unloading of pallets in hazardous areas around machines has always presented problems when trying to restrict personnel access. By the very nature of their size, pallet conveyors offer ample opportunity for either intentional or unsuspecting access to hazardous machinery by people.

"Sick worked closely with customers to develop a solution that restricts human access but allows FLTs to pick up and drop off loads across a light-guarded perimeter without triggering machine shut-down."

IP65/IP67 protection

The M4000 FLT can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The FLT ground loop detection system incorporates an IP65 enclosure with connection cables and controllers for two independent loop detection systems. Installation simply requires the loop controller channels to be connected to the M4000's IP67 connection box.

Configurable muting functions enable each application to be tuned for difficult and challenging entry and exit monitoring tasks with greater versatility than is possible with conventional optically based muting systems. The total mute time limit and a variety of override features can be configured to maximise the availability of the system. The M4000 has quick and easy M12 connections for multiple types of muting sensor.

Sick's M4000 FLT conforms fully to the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1, and the complete system can be purchased with a SISTEMA Performance Level (PL) calculation for applications up to PLd.

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