Miniature precision rotary servo motor uses piezo technology

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Heason Technology is introducing the Nanomotion ER15 miniature precision rotary servo motor that uses ceramic piezoelectric technology. This means the motor benefits from inherent braking without drawing power, and does not suffer from servo dither when in a static position.

The 15mm diameter rotary piezo motor incorporates four tiny Edge ceramic linear motor elements in a backlash- and hysteresis-free arrangement for applications where there is a need for positional stability. Furthermore, the motor operates across a wide range of speeds, so there is no need to use a gearhead. Nanomotion's Edge ceramic motor is claimed to be the smallest industrial piezo motor of its kind in the marketplace today.

Typical applications for the ER15 piezo motor include autofocus/zoom modules, shutter/aperture controls, filter changers and pan and tilt modules on cameras, though many other diverse types of equipment and machinery could also make use of the motor's size and performance characteristics. The ER-15 produces an output torque of up to 10mNm. At approximately 22mm long, the 15 mm diameter motor is smaller than comparably rated conventional precision DC brushed and brushless motors. Indeed, Heason claims that the ER-15 is approximately 25 per cent smaller, 50 per cent life and has an MTBF that is around 2.5 times that of a comparable DC motor. Furthermore, the actual savings in space compared with a DC motor are often even greater because the piezo motor does not need a gearhead or brake. This reduction in parts count can also more than outweigh the higher cost of the piezo motor.

Heason is offering the ER 15 with the miniature XCD drive and servo control board but the motor can be used with conventional drives if required. There is provision for an optional rotary encoder at the rear or the motor, or servo feedback can be supported by an externally mounted linear or rotary encoder.

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