Flow transmitter and pulse divider combined in a single device

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Flow transmitter and pulse divider combined in a single deviceBurkert’s new Type 8022 combines the functions of flow transmitter and pulse divider into a single device, which offers both current and pulse output alternatives and gives users the choice of optional display/operating module, for configuration and flow display. This integrated configuration satisfies the requirements of customers across a range of process operations, both in terms of reduced equipment cost, and also operational handling effort, with one device now taking the place of two.

The type 8022 flow transmitter and pulse divider is an electronic module that can display and further process the flow measured by Burkert sensors, types 8020, 8030 or 8070. Allowing an inexpensive upgrade from a flow sensor to a flowmeter with a standard signal output, the 8022 is a compact device that saves space by its facility for direct mounting on top of the sensors. Thus mounted, the 8022 converts pulses from the sensor into standard signals for further processing: for example, by a control system. This arrangement offers a key benefit, in that additional expense for cabling and for documentation of the connection between the sensor and the transmitter is avoided.

When operated as a flow transmitter, the 10-bit frequency signal from the 8022 sensor is converted into a 4–20mA signal (2-wire operation). If the type 8022 is used as a pulse divider, it converts the input frequency to an adjustable output frequency between 1–600Hz (3-wire operation).

Depending upon the model selected, the 8022 flow transmitter/pulse divider is equipped with a removable control unit with display. This shows the measured flow on a selectable unit on the device and allows parameter setting. Employing this control unit, users can quickly and easily change between the two operating modes. This means that a flexible adaptation with optimum function and connection compatibility is possible at any time.

With its IP65 ingress the 8022 enjoys excellent levels of environmental safeguarding protection, and is easy to employ; users being offered the choice of connection, either via cable gland or an M12 connection. Operating voltage for the 8022 is in the range 12–30V DC, and operating temperature: -10degC to +60degC.

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17 April 2012

Burkert Fluid Control Systemsvisit website
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