Short movie demonstrates benefits of drylin W linear guide rail

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Short movie demonstrates benefits of drylin W linear guide railDesign flexibility is a fundamental factor for machine building applications in the agricultural, vehicle manufacturing, medical, printing and packaging industry sectors, which is why the cost-effective, fully-assembled linear slide rail and carriage drylin W from igus UK is a popular choice.

According to igus, drylin W presents many advantages over conventional linear rails because it offers low wear, a low coefficient of friction and quiet, maintenance-free operation, even in demanding operating environments. For example, when fitting sheet metal fabrications, strain is a common problem - but this can be eliminated with drylin W. Its design compensates for angular rotation errors around the X-axis and, when fitted with floating bearings, drylin W can compensate for misalignments and parallelism errors between the rails, thereby preventing jamming. On conventional linear rails, this can only be achieved through parallel alignment, which is a manual task that can be time-consuming and therefore costly.

In essence, drylin W is a modular linear guide system that has both double- and single-rail options. When being designed into small installation spaces, drylin W is cost-effective, requires virtually no maintenance and, in addition, can be fitted with a broad range of components that includes 12 types of profile rails, 30 carriages and a range of system enhancing accessories.

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