Compact drives are versatile, high-performance and economical

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Compact drives are versatile, high-performance and economicalVacon is offering three ranges of compact drives for machine building and similar applications, namely the Vacon 10, Vacon 20 and Vacon 20 Cold Plate drives. As well as their compact dimensions, the drives are said to be characterised by ease of use, versatility, outstanding performance and value for money.

The new Vacon 10 drives offer simplicity and fast installation, while Vacon 20 drives complement these benefits with integrated PLC functionality. Vacon 20 Cold Plate drives are similar in performance to the standard Vacon 20 drives but are particularly economical for users making their own arrangements for cooling and harmonic filtering.

Vacon 10 drives are available in single-phase versions with ratings up to 2.2kW and three-phase versions with ratings up to 5.5kW. All types incorporate a start-up wizard that enables rapid and accurate configuration using as few as three parameters, and a new pushbutton-based user interface that has been designed for fast, intuitive operation. All of the drives have an integral PI controller. EMC filters are built in as standard, and models with current ratings above 16A can also be supplied with an internal harmonic filtering choke to meet the requirements of IEC 61000-3-12.

Standard versions of Vacon 20 drives are available with single-phase ratings up to 2.2kW, and three-phase ratings up to 18.5kW. The integrated PLC functionality offered by these drives, which are claimed to be among the most versatile currently available, complies fully with IEC 61131-3. This enables the drives to be configured for a wide range of tasks and, in many applications, it provides significant cost savings by eliminating the need to use a separate PLC. To enhance their versatility still further, Vacon 20 drives accommodate optional fieldbus modules for easy interfacing with CANOpen, DeviceNet and Profibus DP systems.

Vacon 20 Cold Plate drives, which are suitable for plate mounting and are supplied without heatsinks, are similar in most respects to standard Vacon 20 drives and are offered in three-phase versions only with ratings up to 7.5kW. Unlike the standard Vacon 20 units, they incorporate a Safe Torque Off (STO) feature, but the harmonic filtering choke option is not offered, as users of plate-mounted drives typically prefer separately mounted filters.

Compatible with Vacon 10, Vacon 20 and Vacon 20 Cold Plate drives, the optional MCA (micro communication adaptor) kit enables settings to be transferred from drive to drive in seconds, without the need for the drive to be powered. This is particularly beneficial for OEMs needing to configure multiple identical drives.

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