IE4 Super Premium Motor reduces energy consumption by up to half

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IE4 Super Premium Motor reduces energy consumption by up to halfSEW Eurodrive is launching a new Super Premium Efficiency motor in the IE4 class that can cut energy consumption by up to 50 per cent over conventional designs. The new DRC permanent-field synchronous motor contains integrated drive electronics in an enclosed housing, and is designed for flexibility so that it can be directly mounted to various gear unit types such as helical, parallel-shaft helical and helical-bevel via a flange and pinion shaft.

This new motor complements Movigear, the company’s mechatronic drive system, by making its energy-saving technology available to users of standard gearboxes. It can be supplied with new product, or it can be used as a retrofit on applications with existing geared motors driven by traditional motor technologies.

SEW Eurodrive’s new DRC motor is available in two sizes, 1.5kw and 0.55kw, supplementing the company’s product portfolio of mechatronic drive systems. The new motor has a nominal speed of 2000rpm, with IP65 and IP66 degrees of protection and a 250 per cent overload capacity. It fits onto standard SEW gearboxes from the R, F, K and W ranges, and can be supplied on its own with an IEC shaft and flange.

The flexibility of the DRC motor makes it suitable for use in a range of applications including logistics, airport logistics, automotive manufacture, food and drinks manufacturing, and construction equipment. It is an energy efficient option for belt, chain and link-belt conveyors, and by adding an optional brake it is suitable for use with inclining tracks and hoists.

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