High-speed assembly with integrated rotary motion

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Schunk is adding the pneumatic DRL 025 stroke/rotary unit to its range of modular high-performance assemblies. The rotary loading system enables highly dynamic and steady pick & place operations with rotating angles of either 90degrees or 180degrees for the assembly of electronics, medical technology and consumer goods.

The movement of the vertical cylinder and the rotary drive are both positively driven by a cam roller. This allows both units to be switched earlier, significantly reducing the cycle time in comparison to conventional stroke/rotary units. This enables up to 90 cycles per minute at minimal loads with a rotating angle of 180degrees (additional switching and gripping times).

To further increase system productivity and process stability, the versatile control can be used to stop the DRL 025 directly over its target position and enter the standby position until the feed or the depositing unit is ready. At an operating pressure of 5bar, the stroke/rotary system achieves a torque of 3.7Nm and a piston force of 320N. The vertical stroke is 40mm, with 20mm of that being linear. In order to compensate for tolerances and system-dependent deviations in the collection and deposition positions, the rotating angle can be adjusted by +/-2degrees and the vertical stroke can be adjusted by up to 10mm per side.

The compact unit is designed for mass moments of inertia up to 0.03kgm2. In the 180degree version, the DRL can fully replace linear pick & place units whereby the parts must be turned 180degree using a rotary module. As part of Schunk’s modular high-performance assembly systems, the DRL 025 can be combined with a variety of gripping, rotary and linear modules to create ease and versatility with complete functional units or assembly groups.

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