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Rittal chillers for the industrial marketKnown more for their enclosure cooling equipment in the field of climate control, Rittal also supply chillers to the industrial market. The TopTherm range of packaged chillers, which is suitable for a cooling medium of water, are intended for internal applications and include wall-mounted, roof-mounted or floor-standing and modular variants.

Rittal’s TopTherm wall-mounted chiller, which may be installed directly to an enclosure, has a cooling capacity of up to 4kW, whereas the roof-mounted or floor-standing variant is available with a slightly larger cooling output of up to 6kW. Finally, the modular chiller, which is capable of removing up to 40kW of heat, utilises the renowned TS 8 frame so that it can be seamlessly integrated into a suite of enclosures.

The construction of the TopTherm modular chiller allows the simple replacement of refrigerant and hydraulic modules. In the event of failure, modules of the same type can be exchanged quickly. Those of different capacities can be substituted should a greater amount of cooling be required, effectively making it possible to upgrade the chiller in situ rather than replace it in its entirety.

Packaged chillers from the Rittal floor-standing enclosure range are suitable for internal or external applications and for a cooling medium of either water or oil. The robust, yet highly adaptable platform ensures that there is a product from this range that can satisfy most project specific requirements.

Rittal chillers can be used to supply chilled water not only to the cold plates, wall-mounted and roof-mounted ranges of air/water heat exchangers available from Rittal, but also to the multitude of industrial processes for which cooling is essential. All Rittal TopTherm chillers are able to accept either a 50Hz or 60Hz supply, resulting in global applicability.

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