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Comprehensive cleaning product range from HenkelHenkel is promoting its range of cleaning products, suitable for a broad range of substrates. When choosing a cleaner or degreaser for an application, the major factors to consider are drying time, residue, odour and substrate compatibility. Residue is a particularly important concern as it could compromise the efficiency of any secondary processing of the part, such as painting or bonding.

At Henkel, new bonding products are continually in the pipeline. Formulations are being introduced that bond new and emerging substrates, those that cure effectively in a variety of environments and also products that are much more tolerant of surface oil and grease. But, the fact remains that effective surface cleaning is still necessary for optimum bonding and sealing in the majority of applications.

The majority of residues are left from previous operations such as cutting, stamping, drilling and grinding as well as surface treatment. For this reason, Henkel provides Loctite cleaning products that broadly fall into three categories. The first is ‘organic’, where typically the residue is a lubricant or corrosion prevention fluid. For this purpose alkaline cleaners are the most suitable.

‘Inorganic’ is the second cleaning category and includes rust, weld scale, smuts and oxides. Acids or acidic cleaners are the best choice for these tasks, and they can also be used to clean injection-moulded thermoset plastic.

A final ‘universal’ category covers 90% of workshop cleaning, and typically includes the removal of grime, inks, glove and finger prints. Henkel generally recommends alkaline or neutral cleaners for these applications.

These general-purpose cleaners are complemented by products for dedicated applications such as dip-, fountain-, spray-, ultrasonic- and high-pressure mechanical parts cleaning as well as low-foam and heavy duty floor cleaning. Completing the range are formulations for graffiti and mark removing, and also a comprehensive choice of hand cleaners.

Products are suitable for a broad range of substrates – metals, plastics, concrete, stone, ceramics, glass and painted surfaces. Sensitive surface and demulsifying cleaners are also available. Many provide additional corrosion protection properties and are supplied as concentrates for diluting with water or as ready-to-use products.

For multi-purpose cleaning, the Loctite 7010 has become the standard for many manufacturers for removing light contaminates. It contains no solvents, is biodegradable and part of a growing family of Loctite products that are hazard-label free. For more information about the range of cleaning products available from Henkel, visit the website at

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