Loctite adhesives are temperature resistant to 120 degrees C

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Loctite adhesives are temperature resistant to 120 degrees CThree of the most popular adhesives in the Loctite instant range are now temperature resistant up to 120degC. This means that Loctite 401, 406 and 454 can now join almost any material in as little as two seconds across a much wider spectrum of applications.

Described as clean and easy to apply, these products individually provide distinctive characteristics that can now benefit applications where higher temperature exposure is a criterion. For example, Loctite instant adhesives can be used for bonding components in the manufacture of electric motors, generators, loudspeakers, white goods and lighting equipment.

Loctite 401 is Henkel’s all-purpose instant adhesive, suitable for rubber, plastics, metals and porous materials such as wood, paper, cork and leather. It is also suitable for smooth, acidic substrates for example, galvanised or chromed components. Loctite 406 is particularly effective at bonding polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE after pre-treatment with Loctite 770 Polyolefin Primer.

For applications where non-dripping is a pre-requisite, the improved Loctite 454 is recommended. This general purpose gel is suitable for use on vertical or overhead surfaces. It is also recommended for bonding a wide range of dissimilar materials where large gaps are present.

All three Loctite instants can be readily integrated into semi- or fully automated production processes for which a comprehensive range of dispensing equipment is available. They are also compatible with dispensing equipment installed for the original formulations so customers wishing to upgrade can do so quickly and easily.

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