Robust and versatile Yoyolog range makes data logging simple

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Grant Instruments is introducing its Yoyolog range of mini data loggers to provide a robust, versatile and low-cost option for measuring and recording physical and electrical parameters across a wide range of industrial, scientific, environmental and agricultural applications.

The new ergonomically designed, battery-operated range of data loggers measure just 50mm in diameter and are similar in size and shape to a toy called the Yoyo, hence the name. The loggers are simple to set up and quick to deploy and measure temperature, humidity, condensation, extra low voltage, strain gauge, voltage and current, pulse, barometric pressure, light and radiation.

Due to their small size, being shockproof, and featuring a water and dust-resistant IP65 enclosure, the Yoyolog loggers can be placed almost anywhere, inside or outside. For example, the Yoyolog light data logger (YL-M61) which records luminance with a spectral sensitivity adjusted to the spectrum of the human eye, is suited for operation indoors or outdoors.

The Yoyolog range includes 19 different models which come in different designs and enclosures to meet specific application needs. For example, some models have integrated sensors, particularly useful for monitoring shipments. Other models feature connectable probes for differentiated analyses with various parameters, and then others have a sensor integrated in a 100mm stainless steel tube, which is suitable for measurements in air ducts or for pharmaceutical or biological research.

Nathan Neal, sales and marketing director of Grant Instruments, says: “Our Yoyolog range has been developed in response to customers who want a small, low-cost, easy-to-use, application-specific logging solution that is reliable, robust and durable. We believe that the new design and the multitude of configurations, plus our software, support and reputation for high quality, will make the Yoyolog range a popular choice in many fields including agriculture, laboratory and healthcare, building monitoring, meteorological research, clean rooms, food processing, logistics and environmental studies.”

Optional accessories

Unusually for such a small device, the Yoyolog loggers feature a high-resolution 20-bit analogue to digital (A/D) converter, giving the accuracy normally only expected from significantly more expensive units. They can store up to 4 million readings, include a Lithium battery (which last up to 4 years) and are supplied with YoyoView configuration and data download software, a USB cable and manual. The Yoyolog range also includes a wide range of optional accessories including sensors and probes, a wall holder, lead seal kit, rain gauge and radiation protector. All models come with a 2-year warranty.

The Yoyolog range of mini data loggers complements Grant Instruments’ established Squirrel range of high-specification portable data logging systems and the dataTaker range of rugged, fully integrated custom-configurable acquisition and control systems.

A brochure featuring full details and the technical specifications for the new Yoyolog data logger range can be downloaded at

06 September 2012

Grant Instruments (Cambridge)visit website
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