Loctite 3090 instant adhesive fills gaps of up to 5mm

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Loctite 3090 instant adhesive fills gaps of up to 5mmHenkel is launching Loctite 3090 clear cyanoacrylate instant adhesive that fills gaps of up to 5mm, which the company claims is a unique capability in the world of superglues. It cures through the volume and will not run out of the joint in the absence of perfect face-to-face contact or if there are any surface imperfections. This is useful as a workshop or general maintenance adhesive and can even be used to encapsulate delicate components or parts; once it has hardened, it can be machined and polished. Loctite 3090 is also a good choice where low bloom is required.

The gel consistency of the two-part Loctite 3090 enables it to be worked into an area for improved stress distribution. The product provides instant adhesion between most materials including porous substrates such as wood, paper, leather, cork and fabric. It can also be used on plastics with low surface energy when pre-treated with Loctite 770 Polyolefin Primer.

A typical example of how the product is being used is as a replacement for a slow-cure silicone. A manufacturer had been using this type of adhesive to secure a mechanical guard to the front of sophisticated electronic test equipment, which required a jig to hold the part in place for the 24 hours it took for the silicone to cure. With Loctite 3090 the company can now achieve a bond in just two minutes.

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