IQANdesign 3.0 allows multi-master control of hydraulic systems

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IQANdesign 3.0 allows multi-master control of hydraulic systemsParker Hannifin is introducing a new version of its IQAN software. The key benefit of IQANdesign 3.0 is that it allows for the easy implementation of distributed machine control, diagnostics and user interfaces in a multiple master module environment.

IQANdesign 3.0 is easy to learn and use and requires no previous programming skills or knowledge. It supports an electronic approach for quickly, simply and cost-effectively controlling and monitoring hydraulic systems in mobile machines such as reach stackers, man lifts and other equipment used in sectors including forestry, materials handling and construction.

The integration of multiple master modules in a single system is made much easier by IQANdesign 3.0. This allows customers to enjoy the significant benefits and flexibility of a multi-master system without the need for the application engineer to define proprietary protocols for real-time data and diagnostics The major benefits of such a system include distributed functionality and diagnostics, a distributed human machine interface (HMI), extended memory capacity, faster cycle time and additional I/Os.

Important and complex capabilities such as remote diagnostics, back-up, multi-master simulation in a PC environment and ‘limp home’ are other enabled features that can add to overall system convenience, safety, performance and robustness. The ability to run control loops remotely on separate masters can also give the speed of operation essential for functions such as active hydraulic damping.

Readily available upgrades allow the use of IQANdesign 3.0 with systems using previous versions of the software enabling customers to quickly and easily adopt version 3.0. and benefit from a multi-master environment. Other enhancements developed by Parker Hannifin and integrated in version 3.0 include a graphical user interface (GUI) with system layout editor, pan functionality and backward / forward navigation. These make IQANdesign 3.0 faster and easier to use than alternative approaches.

Functional safety

The new multi-master functionality also simplifies the integration of safety functions in the machine control system. The IQAN-MC3 is a safety controller designed and certified in accordance with IEC 61508, and can be used to implement safety functions of up to SIL2. When applying EN ISO 13849-1 for functional safety, it can be used as a PLd subsystem.

Multiple tools are conveniently integrated within the IQANdesign 3.0 package, giving users support for all aspects of the development, implementation, control and monitoring of a multi-master based hydraulic system. These elements comprise IQANdesign, Simulate, Run and Analyse. The new software is fully compatible with Parker’s extensive and continually evolving range of IQAN products that includes master modules – several with TFT colour displays, expansion modules, a wide variety of analogue levers, and sensors for measuring rotary, tilt and linear motion as well as pressure, temperature, proximity and acceleration.

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