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Following a new partnership, Wonderware United Kingdom and Ireland, a division of SolutionsPT, is now the UK and Ireland distributor of UReason’s Web Based Alarm Management Reporting software.

UReason’s Web-enabled Alarm Management, WAM Solution, is an application which enables users to monitor and assess the behaviour of their alarm systems. It improves plant safety and reliability by eliminating the issues traditionally associated with standard alarm systems, whilst minimising operational and maintenance costs.

Running on a server and against Wonderware alarm and event database, WAM Reporting allows up to five users at a time to access detailed reports and analysis and can evaluate an operator’s workload, optimise alarm performance, reduce expenditure and analyse problem equipment.

WAM Run-time extends the functionality of the alarm system, by reducing the number of alarms in real time and extending the alarm messages with information on cause, effect and appropriate action.

John Zubak, Managing Director, Ureason (UK) Ltd, says: “UReason selected Wonderware United Kingdom and Ireland as a distribution partner because the company is the leading supplier in industrial automation solutions. Solution PT shares our commitment to creating industry leading solutions and many of their products integrate very effectively with WAM.”

Sue Roche, Wonderware General Manager at SolutionsPT, says: “We are always looking for partners who enable us to provide the tools and support needed for the development of value added applications for industry that integrate with or complement Wonderware software. UReason’s Web Based Alarm Management requires minimal maintenance effort, reduces capital expenditure and also reduces downtime caused by unmanaged alarms.”

UReason’s Web Based Alarm Management Reporting software is available now from Wonderware United Kingdom and Ireland, a division of SolutionsPT. For more details please visit

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