Racor delivers new GreenMAX filtration system

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Racor delivers new GreenMAX filtration systemRacor Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation is announcing the Racor GreenMAX Fuel Filter Water Separator. The GreenMAX cartridge fuel filter water separator removes water and dirt to protect and extend the life of final high-efficiency fuel filters. Extended filter life means less filter waste goes to landfills. A high-quality fuel filtration system protects injectors to keep engines running cleaner and longer.

The GreenMAX is a modular engineered filtration system with the flexibility to meet any engine requirement. The cartridge fuel filter water separator with Aquabloc media has a rated flow rate of 120GPH, and is approved for biodiesel fuel up to B20. The unit has two inlets/outlets ports and will be offered with three micron ratings, a large clear bowl for instant visual fuel quality checks and a self-venting drain for quick and clean fuel and water draining. A patented filter valve mechanism holds fuel system prime and prevents clean-side contamination when servicing, and a piston-style hand priming pump enables easy priming. Additionally the Racor GreenMAX has mounting flexibility, with an integrated mounting bracket for ease of installation and interchangeability.

Optional upgrade features will include a depth coalescing filter (DCM). DCM filters are required when the filtration system is positioned on the pressure side of an electric fuel pump or downstream of any other device or additive that emulsifies water.

A 12V or 24V in-head fuel heater aids cold starting, and an integrated hot fuel blending recirculation valve takes free hot return fuel from the engine and mixes it with incoming cold fuel, allowing continuous fuel flow while operating.

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