Industrial connectors for frequent mating and harsh environments

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Industrial connectors for frequent mating and harsh environmentsHarting is launching new Han HMC industrial connectors that combine the capability for more than 10,000 mating cycles with protection against harsh environmental conditions.

The new connector family is designed for use in applications in the medical, laboratory and test engineering sectors, for example. Typical uses include equipment that may be employed in different locations and, therefore, connected and disconnected several times a day. Similar situations occur in the automation environment, where the trend to modular and interchangeable machine tools and control systems also requires connectors that can handle a large number of mating cycles.

Harting's Han HMC connectors are based on the Han industrial connectors that have been tried and tested for decades, offering the additional benefit that all existing processing tools can also be used for the Han HMC connectors. The complete Han HMC series consists of Han B HMC housings, Han HMC connector inserts with crimp connections in four different versions, Han HMC crimp contacts in two sizes, a range of Han-Modular modules with Han HMC crimp contacts, and two different docking frames.

The Han B HMC housings are equipped with durable locking levers to ensure the connectors remain protected to IP65 after more than 10,000 locking/unlocking cycles.

Han HMC connector inserts contain high-performance grounding contacts, while the crimp contacts are equipped with a special HMC gold surface and constant spring force. These special properties guarantee the complete connector's flawless function - even after 10,000 mating cycles.

Follow the link to see the brochure for the new Han HMC industrial connectors (4.6MB PDF).

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