ERIKS launches feature-packed, high-efficiency IE3 motor

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ERIKS is launching the Fenner FM:3 range, a series of low-voltage cast iron motors certified for IE3 efficiency. The design is the result of applying Fenner’s European market knowledge and expertise to add value for customers by including as standard features that are options on many competitor products.

The FM:3 range comprises 80 to 315 frame sizes and all motors are fitted with thermistors terminated in the terminal box. 180 to 315 frame sizes also include re-greaseable bearings with button-type grease nipple and grease through system. Spring lip seals are standard on both drive end and non-drive end, while the multi-mount design allows feet to be repositioned, due to the stator and feet being fully machined before assembly. In addition, the motor is a symmetrical design, allowing the terminal box to be moved towards the fan cowl. Meanwhile, the generous terminal box itself offers two cable entries, making connection on site an easy job.

In parallel with the development of the cast iron FM:3 motor range, a range of aluminium IE2 efficiency motors has been developed in the form of the Fenner FM:2 range of low voltage electric motors. Through increased energy efficiency levels the Fenner FM:2 and FM:3 motor ranges deliver premium efficiency levels and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over the lifespan of the product.

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