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Hygienic high-temperature pressure sensor from ifm electronic The latest in the PI22 series pressure sensors from ifm electronic Ltd can work at medium temperatures up to 200degC (from as low as 25degC below zero), and register pressures up to 25bar with an 80bar overload.

ifm's PI22 can be what the user wants it to be: connect only two wires and it becomes a loop-powered 4–20mA pressure transmitter, with a display; connect three or four wires and it can be a pressure switch with two independent switchpoint settings. However it is connected, the PI22 series is still a hygienic, accurate pressure sensor.

With its 1 ½” hygienic clamp fitting, stainless-steel diaphragm, high-grade stainless-steel body construction and IP69K rating, that the PI22 series is suitable for food production. This claim is backed by compliance with FDA, 3A and EHEDG.

Setting the PI22 is simple, using either the pushbuttons next to the display, or via IO-Link. The ability to use IO-Link enables the user to remotely access the PI22 pressure sensor for reasons of setting adjustment, or to take the pressure value directly without potential loss in accuracy as a consequence of the pressure conversion into mA. Also, an advantage to OEM’s and end users alike, the use of ifm electronic’s Memory Plug gives the opportunity to save settings and transfer them to another device.

A further feature is the inclusion of a calibration certificate at no extra cost. Industry practice to date has dictated that calibration certificates must be ordered separately, often at considerable cost. No longer, with ifm.

The electrical connection to the PI22 series is made using a standard M12 connector, and use of an ifm EVT series socket will guarantee the IP69K rating. For further information, email , or visit the website at

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