Belden launches Industrial HiVision v5.0 with free trial

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Belden Inc. is announcing a major new release of its Hirschmann Industrial HiVision network management software. Version 5.0 of Industrial HiVision builds on the success of previous releases, adding extensive customer-driven functionality. This results in pragmatic network management software which meets the specific challenges of configuring and supervising an industrial Ethernet network.

Like their office counterparts, industrial networks are becoming more heterogeneous. Rarely does a network consist of equipment from a single manufacturer. HiFusion, a tool provided free of charge with Industrial HiVision v5.0, is a stand-alone application which facilitates the integration of any SNMP-capable device into Industrial HiVision. HiFusion also includes a wizard, to guide users through the creation of the integration files. Industrial HiVision v5.0 now offers the best of both worlds: the device management granularity of a manufacturer-specific application and the device management diversity of a generic open network management platform.

Whilst industrial networks are becoming larger and more complex, at the same time they must have high operational availability. This presents a challenge for network management. Industrial HiVision v5.0 offers an intelligent response: distributed management. A network management hierarchy provides master and slave network management stations, to ensure that any size of network can be supervised.

Product Manager Mark Cooksley points out: “In the office world, network management is the domain of the IT department; experts with many years of IT experience. In the industrial world, not everyone is an IT specialist. Industrial HiVision was designed from the ground up to be a product which will be used by automation engineers. The project set-up wizard in v5.0 will take you step-by-step through the most daunting task: getting started. Of course the resultant configuration can be customised later, to fulfill your exact requirements.”

Mark Cooksley adds: “Network management in an industrial environment has its own set of challenges. Our customers are our inspiration. Their functionality requests are the life blood of Industrial HiVision. Version 5.0 has incorporated many of these requirements, resulting in a product which is best in class for consistent management of an industrial communications system.”

Download Industrial HiVision from, and test it free of charge for 30 days at your convenience. For more information about Hirschmann, please visit

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