Titan ATR system family: extra robust and highly flexible

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Titan ATR  system family: extra robust and highly flexibleFor particularly high shock and vibration requirements of up to 40 g Pentair has developed the Schroff Titan ATR system family. Based on its modular 19” subracks, which is an established platform for all levels of ruggedness up to about 25 g, the Titan ATR system is suitable for civil and military aviation and space applications, including use on unmanned aircraft and helicopters, as well as other mobile equipment such as tanks or trains.

The Titan ATR system family conforms to the standardized ½ ATR short dimensions (width × depth × height: 145mm × 328.8mm × 193.5mm) and offers three 3 U slots with Open VPX profile for PCIe applications. Other topologies such as VME or CompactPCI are also available. A fourth slot can hold an Ethernet switch, which enables a multiprocessor system to be installed.

A fitted backplane operates at a data transfer rate of 10Gbit/s. It is linked directly to a transition module, eliminating the need for wiring, which tends to be susceptible to interference at the I/O connectors. The transition module is bolted directly onto the case and can be replaced easily.

Supplied as standard, the power supply unit has an output capacity of 150W, input voltage of 28V, three output voltages (5V, 3.3V and +/- 12V) and operates at up to 85 per cent efficiency. The typical bridging time of 4ms can be increased to 50ms by means of a capacitor bank.

Titan ATR systems can be equipped with high EMC and IP protection levels using integral gasketing. All input and output signals plus the PSU are also fitted with electrical filters. The system is thus fully shielded.

Cooling is achieved internally via conduction cooling and can be supplemented if required by forced air cooling from outside. For this purpose, the side panels are provided with cladded cooling fins, through which air is drawn from front to rear by means of a temperature-controlled fan in the rear of the system. At an ambient temperature of 71degC, the system can extract 125W of dissipation loss and at 65degC up to 175W. Titan ATR systems are designed for ambient temperatures between -40degC and +71degC and a relative humidity of 5 to 95 per cent (salt spray up to 5 per cent). On request the temperature range can be extended to -50degC to 71degC.

Constructed in corrosion-resistant hard anodised aircraft-grade aluminium, these Titan ATR systems weigh less than 6kg including backplane, I/O transition board and PSU. The interior of the system is also corrosion proof thanks to a chemical coating, and is electrically conductive. All boards are conformal coated to protect against environmental influences. Two options are available for mounting the systems: normal fixed mounting using bolts or the easy-to-open ARINC 404A fixing.

Based on the Schroff modular 19” platform, the Titan ATR system family can be similarly modified to customer requirements. This includes: alternative mounting options, colour design, cooling options, case shape and size, adaption of transition board, filtering, PSU, etc.

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10 September 2013

Pentair - Schroff UK Ltdvisit website
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