Extending transmission paths in 10 Gbit/s network cabling

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Extending transmission paths in 10 Gbit/s network cablingThe new Harting Ha-VIS preLink Extender permits the easy extension of transmission paths in 10Gbit/s network cabling systems, as well as allowing unused cables to be reactivated and extended until the next required connection.

This new addition to the company’s Ha-VIS preLink cabling system not only enables the simple extension of transmission paths in data network cabling, it also allows fire zones to be bridged and subscriber ports to be directly connected to the terminal block connector without the need for intermediate patching.

Even unused cables can be reactivated and extended to the next required connection. The installer simply assembles the Ha-VIS preLink termination module onto both ends of the cable to be extended. The terminated cable ends are then inserted into the Ha-VIS preLink Extender. A flexible shield clamp transmits the cable shield potential.

The extender itself can be directly mounted on walls, in cable ducts or in a switch cabinet via two 3.2mm diameter fixing holes. The compact (15.6 × 13.2 × 65.7mm) design permits installation even in cramped spaces.

Harting’s Ha-VIS preLink Extender meets the transmission performance specifications for Category 6A in accordance with the ISO/IEC 11801 Ed. 2.2 (2011-06) standard. As a result, the structured cabling run can be used for applications up to 10 Gbit/s up to the maximum link length.

Please click follow the link to view the Ha-VIS preLink Extender data sheet.

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