New range of Profibus splitters launched by ifm electronic

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New range of Profibus splitters launched by ifm electronicThe choice of field connections for Profibus DP users is increased with the launch of the new FieldModuleDP range from ifm electronic. Seven devices on offer, and all are fully compliant with the Profibus standard IEC 61158 (DP V1) for configuration and diagnosis.

FieldModuleDP provides a compact and rugged connection block, with IP67 rating, for inputs and outputs, either analogue or digital. One of the most interesting of the FieldModuleDP range is the AC2625. This is equipped with IO-Link, technology for low-level communication with devices in the field. IO-Link takes the bus the ‘last metre’ where previously the field node was the last stop on the bus.

The number of devices with IO-Link built in is increasing rapidly, and so is their take-up, as users realise the advantages of the transparency, ease of configuration and flexibility offered by the technology. IO-Link transmits not only digital, but also analogue signals from an IO-Link device directly as values, reducing conversion losses from the original measured value to 4 to 20mA and back again.

ifm’s AC2625 provides four connections for IO-Link devices and, in common with the others in the range, has an additional port for optional external power as well as the Profibus DP in and out connections, yet is still only 30mm wide and 210mm long so none of these modules will take up much space.

Other units in the range offer standard digital inputs and/or outputs. Analogue inputs (current or voltage), analogue outputs (current) are featured in other versions; while another, the AC2634, can accept inputs directly from Pt100 temperature probes. Using the AC2634 means than almost any Pt100, with two, three or four wires, can be connected to Profibus DP without the need for specialised cards.

The FieldModuleDP range from ifm electronic provides Profibus DP users with simple, cost-effective methods of combining a wide variety of field devices with this widely used bus system. To learn more please go to

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