Siemens launches new Simotics FD motor series

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Siemens Industry is launching the Simotics FD motor series, described as a new generation of motor design with powers ranging from 200 to over 1600 kW. The motors are constructed as an intelligent modular system with an innovative design featuring internal cooling ribs. This enables different types of cooling and mounting positions, increasing flexibility of plant planning and multiplying applications for motors in pumps, fans and compressors, as well as conveyor systems and hoisting equipment.

Sinamics frequency converters are optimally adapted to the low-voltage motors, and Siemens is also able to offer a complete system with a high power density and low noise level as part of its Integrated Drive Systems strategy.

The requirements of modern high-power low-voltage motors range from flexible applications, to energy efficiency, to low noise running, and these demands are met by the new Simotics FD motor series. For example, many different cooling methods are available both in open and enclosed types with natural or separate ventilation. The portfolio includes water-cooled types with cooling jackets or air-to-water heat exchangers.

Andy Hodgson from Siemens Industry comments: “Thanks to their innovative, compact design without external cooling ribs, the new Simotics FD motor series from Siemens is a flexible option for plant applications. Placing the cooling ribs internally close to the heat source means the different methods of air and water cooling are all possible in a single concept. Importantly, the design is modular, rugged and easy to engineer to maximise flexibility for operators.”

As part of the Integrated Drive Systems strategy, the Siemens motors are optimised for inverter-fed operation and, in particular, for Sinamics low-voltage inverters. This way, Siemens is able to offer an efficient complete system with a high power density, low installation volume, and low noise level. As the motor rated currents are adapted to the inverter output currents and the motor is dimensioned for the rated pulse frequency of the inverters, this avoids over dimensioning the inverter and ensures the voltage is optimally utilised. In many constant torque applications, gear units can be coupled to Simotics FD, enabling seamless inclusion in an integrated drive system.

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31 October 2013

Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologiesvisit website
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