New, more efficient Centac c800 centrifugal compressor

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Ingersoll Rand is introducing the new Centac C800 centrifugal air compressor for assembly, automotive food and beverage, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, processing and other industrial manufacturing applications. The Centac C800 is built on the latest generation, integrated and simplified centrifugal compressor platform, and is an extension of the Centac C1000 product line. Certified as ISO 8573-1Class 0, the C800 provides 100 per cent clean, oil-free air, and is designed to minimise downtime, increase efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

The single largest contributor to life-cycle cost is loss of production. The Centac C800 is designed with features to maximise asset availability, including tapered polygon attachments to create a precision fit and evenly distribute torque and a simplified oil piping system with an integrated oil filter to keep the system running at optimum conditions. The compressor’s integrated gears, flex pad hydrodynamic bearings and components work to reduce vibration and error-proof alignment, minimising downtime and lowering operational costs.

At full load the optimised components and systems in the Centac C800 reduce energy use by up to 6 per cent. The backward-leaning impellers are designed with software and computational fluid dynamics that maximise peak efficiency and provide greater turndown. Furthermore, inlet guide vanes (IGVs) are standard on the new C800, delivering additional energy savings at partial load.

Maintenance is easier on the C800 air compressor with a one-piece removable inducer, in-place roddable coolers, bull gear inspection ports, and open cooler casing which offer increased access to critical components. The fully configured compressor package also affords efficient installation – no special foundation or grouting required. The single inlet and outlet connections for cooling water also reduce installation time and cost. These features were specifically designed to optimise and enable system efficiency and reliability.

The Web-enabled Xe-Series controller enhances productivity and enables plant and operations managers to remotely access and adjust the system from virtually anywhere. It presents real-time monitoring and trending of critical components, making it easy to predict maintenance needs and correct operating parameters from Web-enabled smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Alberto Crippa, product manager process compressed air system, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ingersoll Rand, says: “Lost production caused by unscheduled downtime is the largest contributor to a compressor’s life-cycle cost. Ingersoll Rand manufactured the C800 with fewer parts, integrated components – and easily accessible critical components – to increase the compressor’s reliability and efficiency.”

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07 November 2013

Ingersoll Rand Productivity Solutionsvisit website
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