Electric tubular motor reduces operation and maintenance costs

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Electric tubular motor reduces operation and maintenance costsParker’s Electromechanical Division Europe is introducing its ETT Electric Tubular Motor series, which feature innovations designed specifically to benefit linear handling and pick and place applications. For instance, because ETT is a ‘direct drive’ actuator, motion is generated without the need for mechanical transmission elements such as ballscrews, toothed belts or gearboxes – all of which can present undesirable challenges and costs during installation, operation and maintenance procedures.

Featuring ultra dynamic linear motion and position control capabilities, another important feature of the ETT is its suitability in high duty cycles without the need for additional cooling. In combination with high thermal efficiency, reliability and mechanical life are very high. ETT can be controlled by any standard servo drive with 230V AC supply voltage, eliminating the requirement for a special low-voltage drive. Parker can also offer a wide range of servo drive options suitable for use with ETT series motors, enabling any users of motion technologies to obtain a complete system from a single source.

The ETT series has been designed as a cost-effective and energy efficient substitute for pneumatic cylinders. To aid ease of integration, three lengths and sizes meet the requirements of the pneumatic ISO flange standard DIN ISO 15552:2005-12. Furthermore, swivelling electrical connectors and extensive accessory options support flexible mounting, particularly in combination with a wide choice of rod end mounting choices.

These innovative IP67-rated tubular motors have two main components: the rod (shaft) and the stator with the integrated feedback (body). The shaft is made of a stainless steel tube (allowing use in ‘clean’ environments) with built-in neodymium magnets which, thanks to their high performance, are able to deliver significant thrust values up to 512N.

High dynamic performance is assured with travel speeds of up to 4m/s and acceleration up to 200m/s². However, precision is in no way compromised, with repeatability of +/-0.05mm achievable thanks to the use of a 1Vpp sine/cosine encoder.

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