Acoustic emission sensor for condition monitoring

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The new Type 8152C Piezotron sensor is suitable for monitoring acoustic emissions (AE) above 50kHz on the surface of metal machines, structures and systems for preventative maintenance of rotating machines, monitoring cutting tools and press tools to detect signs of incipient failure and leakage monitoring of tanks, pipes and valves.

The rugged welded housing, wide operating temperature range from -54degC to 165degC and IP65 rating make the new sensor suitable for use in the most challenging industrial environments. ATEX Zone 0 and Zone 2 intrinsically safe versions are available for use in hazardous areas. Two frequency ranges, 50–400kHz and 100–900kHz, are offered in all versions. An integrated impedance converter provides a low-impedance voltage output signal and a custom designed coupler supplies power to the sensor and provides signal processing.

Kistler’s AE Sensor is simply mounted with an M6 or ΒΌ inch screw or a magnetic clamp onto the surface of the structure. The sensing element is acoustically isolated from the housing by design and is well protected against external noise and is ground isolated to prevent ground loops. Kistler AE sensors feature a very high sensitivity for surface (Rayleigh) and longitudinal waves over a broad frequency range and are designed to withstand high energy waves.

These new sensors provide a simple to install and highly reliable method of monitoring bearing based machinery, pressure vessels or flow turbulence with high frequency acoustic signatures. AE measuring can be used where vibration sensors are unsuitable due to the high energy nature of the emitted elastic waves. It also allows the reliable detection of fatigue and failure signals even in a high-vibration environment.

The measuring chain may be used for non-destructive testing or permanent online observation of continuous processes for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance applications. The high operating temperature of 165degC and ATEX certifications option allows use in hazardous environments, such as processing industry applications where explosive gas or flammable dust is present.

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14 February 2014

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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