New clamping device for round shafts from Elesa

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New clamping device for round shafts from ElesaElesa’s new GN928 is a novel clamping device to be incorporated into equipment mountings, e.g. machine vice or similar, where frequent readjustment is required for the quick and precise operation of a mounting shaft/tubular shaft.

The GN928, in 8–30mm diameter sizes, fits into a hole tangential to the relevant shaft; by appropriate positioning the two spring-loaded clamping elements can then be adjusted by hexagonal key to clamp gently or strongly on the round mounting shaft. This design offers delicacy of control with a high degree of ultimate grip on a very wide range of shaft sizes from 6mm to 125mm diameter.

For fast, frequent operation, and for convenience, for example in difficult orientation either vertically or horizontally, a clamping handle may be substituted for the normal recessed hexagonal head screw. The integral spring aids the sensitivity of clamping and ensures easy release of the clamping elements.

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