High-temperature connectors for environments up to 200degC

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High-temperature connectors for environments up to 200degCHarting is introducing a new high-temperature connector family, the Han HighTemp Series, which enables the reliable transmission of signals and power at temperatures up to 200degC in industrial environments.

The design of the Han HighTemp Series is based on Harting’s well-established Han B and Han E series with the addition of high-quality temperature-resistant materials and heat-resistant design applied to all components such as contacts, insulating materials, housing, seals and grounding elements. During development, the resistance of these components was verified in Harting’s in-house testing laboratory.

For its basic structure of the Han(R) HighTemp connector consists of a bulkhead-mounted housing and a cable-side hood. The aluminium die-cast hoods and housings feature a highly compressed surface with excellent non-stick properties. It also has a special non-stick coating on the bulkhead-side seal which allows easy handling without significant sticking.

This rugged contact inserts use LCP (liquid crystal polymer) injection moulding to deliver outstanding temperature resistance coupled with excellent mechanical stability. The temperature-resistant contacts, for either screw or crimp termination, ensure reliable connections with minimal contact resistance even at extreme temperatures.

High-temperature connectors offer significant savings in equipment design, manufacture and maintenance by removing the need to enclose machine parts which are exposed to high temperatures and clearing the way to modular plug-in designs. The resulting lower wiring complexity results in reduced maintenance costs, fewer outages and minimal down times.

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