Support arm system now with automatic potential equalisation

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Support arm system now with automatic potential equalisationRittal claims to be the first manufacturer to ensure automatic potential equalisation as a standard with its new CP 60/120/180 support arm system, without any extra work and additional costs to users.

Where previously the focus has been on the mechanical structure of support arm systems, cable installations within support arm systems often had no passive internal safety devices, such as edge protection elements, to prevent chafed cables. Active protective measures were also absent, such as automatic potential equalisation throughout all the elements of a support arm system to protect the operator from live electrical voltage in the event of a defective cable.

With Rittal’s new CP 60/120/180 support arm system all the rotating elements have so-called sliding contacts to ensure a reliable electrical contact throughout the entire system. Clever edge protection elements made of plastic, which can simply be clipped onto the inner section between extrusions and corner pieces prevent cables from becoming pinched or chafed.

As an integrated modular system, Rittal’s CP 60/120/180 support arm system offers plant constructors uniform function, assembly and engineering systems in one design, and meets all the load ranges up to 180kg demanded by the market. It also offers major time savings during assembly, adjustment, and service.

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