LynxDrive servo actuators are compact, accurate and reliable

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LynxDrive servo actuators are compact, accurate and reliableHarmonic Drive is launching a range of LynxDrive compact servo actuators that combine accuracy, compact design and reliability. These products are suitable for applications requiring precise positioning in high-performance machine tools and machining centres, particularly in sectors such as factory automation, medical technology manufacturing, the optical industry and semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing. Furthermore, the actuators' versatility means they are equally suitable for use in industries as diverse as broadcast, military and aerospace, and oil and gas.

LynxDrive servo actuators combine a compact synchronous servo motor, feedback sensor and a high-precision Harmonic Drive HFUC series gear unit with high-capacity output bearings. The key advantages of these specifications include low energy consumption, resulting in low running costs, and a compact design, which means the servo actuator fits easily into restricted spaces.

The sinusoidal commutated AC servo motor exhibits a smooth torque profile over a wide range of speeds. LynxDrive servo actuators have a torque range of up to 647Nm and a maximum speed range of 283rpm. The encoder or resolver feedback system enables the LynxDrive to measure speed and position accurately, while the temperature sensors integrated into the motor windings provide protection against overloads.

Harmonic Drives' LynxDrive range of servo actuators works well with commercially available servo controllers that use a 230V to 400V AC supply voltages. The company's fully digital YukonDrive servo controller works in conjunction with products from the LynxDrive series to create a tailored, innovative and reliable drive system. This makes it possible to provide a single source supply for a pre-configured drive system, while still being compatible with almost any controller on the market.

Dynamic applications

Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK, explains: "Most of our servo actuators are used in an extensive range of mission-critical applications. Because of this, size, weight and performance requirements have always been crucial to our clients.

"When we developed the LynxDrive range, we focussed our efforts on creating the most compact design possible, without compromising on quality. The combination of low motor inertia and high acceleration torque makes the products perfect for highly dynamic applications and ensures excellent positioning accuracy."

The high-stiffness crossed roller bearing used in the LynxDrive servo actuators was developed expressly to withstand high axial and radial forces, as well as high tilt moments. The bespoke bearing also protects the gear from external loads, which guarantees a long life and consistent performance. Removing the need for additional output bearings also means that installation and assembly of the actuator is significantly streamlined.

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