X20 modules with increased component density

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With two new X20-series modules, B&R continues on the path of miniaturisation. The X20DO8323 offers 8 push/pull outputs in the X20 form factor, and the X20DO6639 is a 6× relay module for 30V DC or 230V AC.

The digital outputs on the DO8323 are electrically isolated and can be wired as high-side, low-side or push/pull variants. Therefore the module allows control of up to four DC motors operated as a full-bridge with a nominal voltage of 12 to 24V DC and a rated current of up to 0.5A. When operated as a half-bridge, up to eight motors can be controlled.

B&R’s DO6639 module has six isolated relays with normally open contacts. They can be loaded with 2A at either 30V DC or 230V AC. In this way, B&R has significantly improved the component density for 230 VAC relays.

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27 May 2014

B&R Industrial Automation Ltdvisit website
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