Industrial Ethernet switches for future-proof network design

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Belden Inc. is releasing its new Rail Switch Power Expandable (RSPE) family of managed industrial Ethernet switches. Building on the tried-and-tested Rail Switch Power (RSP) family from Hirschmann, these modular switches make it possible to create flexible Ethernet installations in which the network design can be quickly adapted to manage changing application needs. Its high reliability guarantees 100 per cent availability of data communication, ensuring optimum productivity for machines and systems.

Belden Product Manager J├╝rgen Schmid says: “In today’s fast-changing industrial environments, flexibility is key. With our new Rail Switch Power Expandable switches, media modules can be added to basic switch devices in virtually no time at all – a practical and cost-effective solution for today and tomorrow.”

The benefits of these new RSPE switches include:

  • Eight Fast Ethernet twisted pair ports and four combo ports that support Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
  • High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) redundancy standards, plus precise time synchronisation in accordance with IEEE 1588 v2, can be extended to provide up to 28 ports by adding two media modules
  • Various combinations of copper or fibre ports (plus Power over Ethernet (PoE)/PoE+) by module type
  • Comprehensive management, diagnostic and filtering features, as well as numerous redundancy methods, bringing all-around security to the network
  • An extended operating temperature range from -40degC to +70degC, high vibration resistance and broad immunity to electrostatic discharges

Specially certified for a range of application scenarios, the RSPE switches are highly efficient even under harsh environmental conditions. In the energy sector, for example, they enable highly available and cost-effective applications, ranging from power transmission and distribution right through to electricity generation from renewable energy sources. They can be used equally well in other industries, such as transportation, road and rail traffic, cable cars, ports and airports.

Please follow the link for detailed information about the managed industrial Ethernet switches.

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