Versatile IP65/67 direct drive electronic position indicator

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Versatile IP65/67 direct drive electronic position indicatorElesa's new IP65/67 DD51-E electronic position indicator offers all the usability and accuracy of its forerunners plus added versatility and convenience in a single compact specification. The DD51-E is a battery-powered direct-drive unit that can be mounted on machine shafts in any position to provide a reading of the absolute or incremental positioning of a machine component. It is therefore suited to use on machines with rotating shafts such as roll handling - for example refinishing, paper, card and other packaging production, printing and incremental feed equipment - where accurate rotation indexing is essential.

The DD51-E incorporates a five-year life lithium battery and may be programmed to display linear measurements in metric or imperial units, or angular measurement in degrees, and to allow a choice of reading after one revolution of the shaft; in addition, the display orientation is user-selectable to suit the equipment layout. This versatility obviates the need to specify exact ratios, units and display parameters at the time of ordering. It also, of course, allows for subsequent re-programming if the indicator is moved to new equipment or incorporated in a different process.

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