New EMC textile gaskets for temperatures up to 85degC

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New EMC textile gaskets for temperatures up to 85degCUp to now, selecting EMC shielding for Schroff cases, subracks or systems has meant one of two options: stainless steel gaskets for temperature ranges in excess of 85degC or textile gaskets for temperatures below 70degC. Closing the gap, the Schroff brand of Pentair is now offering a textile EMC gasket for an extended temperature range of up to 85degC for its cases, subracks and systems.

The development of this innovative feature is in response to demand for certain applications and components used at higher temperatures (e.g. for storage temperatures of up to between -40deg and +85degC). Specialised uses include rail systems, defence systems and medical technology where temperatures can reach up to +85degC where stainless steel gasket are typically used for EMC shielding. Compared with stainless steel gaskets, textile gaskets are easier to use. Not only are the new Schroff gaskets lower in cost but they can be easily glued into place and implemented in the more robust U front panels. From now on, users of applications with temperature ranges up to 85degC can benefit from all these advantages.

Similar in design to the earlier textile EMC gasket, the new gasket incorporates a different adhesive and at its core is made of silicone rather than TPE foam. These new materials make it possible for the gasket to be used at higher temperatures. Shielding levels vary between 30 and 800dB – that is, 8 to 10dB higher than earlier versions.

Two versions of the Schroff textile EMC gasket are available from stock – the old type (up to 70degC) and the new type (up to 85degC). For higher temperatures, customers will still be able to order the stainless steel gaskets.

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31 October 2014

Pentair - Schroff UK Ltdvisit website
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