Collet chuck module for cylindrical parts

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Schunk is extending its modular system for efficient workpiece clamping with a particularly smart collet chuck module for parts with cylindrical shanks. Lengths of pipes, shafts and other small parts can now be precisely clamped with the SCHUNK VERO-S SEZ within a very short time.

In addition, the new VERO-S SEZ provides optimal accessibility for parts to be comprehensively machined from five sides. The same applies for unstable workpieces with a short shank. Since the system can be quickly made ready for use, it is particularly suitable for machining individual pieces and small series runs such as plungers and ejectors in tool and mould making. To operate this system, the comparably light but robust collet chuck module is put onto an existing SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change module, this is then equipped with a workpiece and then the pull-down jaw system is activated.

This ensures great clamping forces and precision, excellent dimensional stability and an adjustable depth stop to provide repeat accuracy. Coolant is discharged through an integrated drain. Since the system can be used together with all common ER collet chucks, it provides a good degree of flexibility for the end users. The SCHUNK VERO-S SEZ collet chuck modules are available for the SCHUNK VERO-S NSE plus 138-V1 (ER 32-120 and ER 40-120) and the VERO-S NSE mini 90-V1 (ER 25-100) quick-change pallet modules. The clamping diameter ranges from 2 to 20mm (ER 32-120), 3 to 26mm (ER 40-120), or 1 to 16mm (ER 25-100). The maximum clamping depth is 96mm for the VERO-S SEZ or 85mm for the VERO-S SEZ mini.

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