P1V-M air motors: two new power ratings plus ATEX certification

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P1V-M air motors: two new power ratings plus ATEX certificationParker Hannifin is extending its P1V-M air vane motors range to include two new sizes, namely 900 and 1200 watts, combined with new ATEX (II 2 GD C IIC T4) certified variants and a non-gearbox derivative. Together with the existing 200, 400 and 600-watt models, the P1V-M series represents the largest power range available in the global market today.

Due to its compact design, the P1V-M is suitable for deployment in a wide range of industries such as machine builders, food & beverage (non in contact area), packaging & conveying, chemical industry, and in plant automotive. This compact design also helps to reduce machine build footprint. The P1V-M is also suitable for use in particularly harsh environments, under extremes of vibration and operating at temperatures between -20 and +110degC. Similarly, as there are no electrical connections, the air motor can be used in hazardous environments hence the ATEX (II 2 GD C IIC T4) certification.

The P1V-M is capable of providing output shaft free speeds from 32 to a maximum of 10,500 rpm, with torque up to about 120Nm. High levels of torque can be achieved at low speeds. In common with all Parker air motors the P1V-M can be used as a replacement for traditional electric motors and, power for power, it offers a more compact and lightweight option. Featuring the ability to be loaded until it stalls, the P1V-M can be stopped and started continuously without damage. Furthermore, the direction of rotation is reversible simply by changing the direction of airflow.

Designed and manufactured from hardwearing robust materials, the P1V-M series features a patented Vane Change system. This innovative system delivers real benefits in terms of minimising machine downtime. When it comes to service and maintenance the motor can be left in situ; all the customer needs to do is to loosen the screws that hold the rear piece to the motor, remove the vanes if they are worn and insert new.

With its modular design and very attractive price-performance ratio, the P1V-M is fully assembled in Germany and is available for rapid delivery. Further information can be found at

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