Lobe and diamond-cut knurled knobs enhance position indicators

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Lobe and diamond-cut knurled knobs enhance position indicatorsThese new, more modern designs of indicator housings come from stylish component company Elesa in the form of a 5-lobe housing and a round diamond cut version. Each offers a slightly different operator feel where lobes may be appropriate for heavier torque and the diamond knurling where a lighter precise touch is called for.

The VC.792-XX lobe knob and the MBT-XX diamond cut knobs are suited to Elesa’s gravity and positive drive plastic or metal indicators for shaft positioning and rotational measurement. They are suitable for use where a few manual hand turns are required to set the position indicator and so enable precise setting of drives, controls and speed variations.

The VC and MBT series are manufactured in glass-reinforced polyamide resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other agents common in industrial environments, while enabling a positive grip.

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