All-in-one drive includes power supply, positioning and PLC

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All-in-one drive includes power supply, positioning and PLCOne of the challenges facing machine builders today is "make it smaller, lighter, but with the same or improved performance." Component manufacturers, such as those providing motors and drives, are therefore under pressure to provide practical and effective products to help designers meet their objectives. In response to this, Dunkermotoren have developed a brushless DC motor that incorporates the power supply, control and positioning electronics, PLC functions, bus links, and various encoder and brake options.

The 550W BG 75 DMC brushless motor eliminates the need for an external power supply while also accommodating all the functionality into the motor housing. Around 20 years ago the control components would have filled a small cabinet; now they are completely integrated in the motor housing and, depending on the application, a control cabinet may be completely unnecessary.

To maximise end-user benefit, the reactive power compensation has been incorporated and, where required, the motor can be adapted to feed energy back into the grid during braking. In future, a complex external power factor correction method and, in some cases, a braking resistor will be dispensed with.

Thanks to the integral design of the motor, installation and commissioning are easy, with no need for associated wiring in the control cabinet. The term 'single-cable solution' usually refers to the connection between the motor and the controller; with the BG 75 DMC (Direct Mains Connection) it includes the complete drive up to the 230V AC supply. This innovative, integral drive unit is suitable for motion control in modular or 'single motor' applications and machines.

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