Vacon 100 AC variable speed drives now rated up to 800kW

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Vacon 100 AC variable speed drives now rated up to 800kWThe popular Vacon 100 range of AC variable speed drives from Danfoss has been extended to include models rated up to 800kW. This means that users can now benefit from the useful combination of features offered by these drives in virtually all industrial and commercial applications, even the most demanding.

The new higher-power additions to the Vacon 100 range are available as IP00 modules for mounting within control panels and in enclosed versions with a choice of IP21 or IP54 ingress protection ratings. All versions feature compact construction and all are available with power ratings up to 630kW on 400V supplies, 800kW on 690V supplies.

Like all Vacon 100 drives, the new models have been designed with ease of use and ease of integration in mind. They offer advanced commissioning tools for rapid straightforward set up whatever the application, and powerful diagnostics with a plain-text help system. They also feature, as standard, integrated support for ModBus TCP, Ethernet I/P and Profinet IO connectivity. Plug-in option cards are available to provide support for other popular communication and fieldbus standards.

Other key features include enhanced safety with Safe Torque Off in line with uncontrolled stop category 0 of EN 60204-1, Safe Stop 1 in line with controlled stop category 1 of EN 60204-1, and ATEX-certified motor over-temperature protection. These functions are achieved without the need for additional external components, which reduces costs, panel space requirements and wiring time.

Vacon 100 drives, including the new high-power versions, use film capacitors rather than the usual electrolytic types in the critical DC link section. This means that the drives are more reliable, more energy efficient and have longer working lives. It also eliminates the need for time-consuming and inconvenient capacitor reforming, even if the drives are in storage or out of service for long periods.

Drives in the Vacon 100 family are well suited for use in a wide range of constant torque and constant power applications such as pumps, fans and conveyors. In these applications, energy efficiency and productivity gains mean that, in almost every case, the savings made will quickly repay the cost of the drive and its installation.

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