New versions of Vacon 100 VSD in IP21 or IP54 enclosures

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The Vacon 100 range of AC variable speed drives from Danfoss has been extended to include standard enclosed drives supplied ready for immediate installation and commissioning. With a choice of IP21 or IP54 ingress protection ratings, the new drives include an auxiliary front door to provide safe access to control circuits.

When it becomes necessary to access the control section of the drive, this can be reached through the small auxiliary door in the front of the enclosure, without the need to open the full-height main door. In this way, the low voltage area can be reached without the safety risks associated with exposing the high voltage sections of the drive.

Another important feature of the new Vacon 100 enclosed drives is the innovative cooling channel design. Integrated du/dt filters and common mode output filters enable efficient back channel cooling to be used and, in the IP54 versions, no additional air filters are needed in the main cooling airflow.

The IP21 versions of the drives, which are intended for installation in control rooms and similar environments, and the IP54 versions, which can be used in demanding environments without further protection, are both available with power ratings up to 630kW on 400V supplies and 800kW on 690V supplies.

Like all drives in the versatile Vacon 100 range, the new enclosed versions offer advanced commissioning tools for rapid, straightforward set up whatever the application, and powerful diagnostics with a plain-text help system. Built-in Ethernet enables easy integration to plant automation and supports VACON Live, which means the user can maintain the drives and monitor performance remotely.

Vacon 100 drives also feature, as standard, integrated support for ModBus TCP and Profinet I/O connectivity. Plug-in option cards are available to provide support for other popular communication and fieldbus standards.

Drives in the Vacon 100 range are suitable for use in a wide range of constant torque and constant power applications such as pumps, fans and conveyors. In these applications, energy efficiency and productivity gains mean that, in almost every case, the savings made will quickly repay the cost of the drive and its installation.

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