Smooth operator roller cam from FDB suits quarter-turn locks

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The new DIRAK 1-105 roller cam from FDB Panel Fittings increases operator comfort and feel while protecting paintwork – protecting interior equipment, for example servers, from contamination caused by paint chipping or corrosion. The roller action offers lower friction and a soft plastic surface in place of the hard metal ramp of most cams which can cause paint damage and be difficult to close where high gasket forces are experienced.

FDB’s roller cam is depth adjustable over a 5mm range to enable a close fit to be achieved with all their inserts, swinghandles and multi-point latches which use an 8mm square drive screw.

FDB Panel Fittings and sister company FDB Electrical share their online shopping website at, where you can learn more about the DIRAK 1-105 roller cam. Further information on FDB products and services may be found at

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