EAO expands Series 45 ID keylock switches

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EAO offers a range of high-specification functions for machine operation with its Series 45. Thanks to innovative Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and an aesthetically pleasing design, EAO’s new Series 45 ID keylock switches are well suited for implementing electronic access control systems in industrial environments with ease. The switches offer a low-profile design to match other functions in the Series 45 range.

These intuitive actuators can authenticate up to four users or groups. The pre-programmed ID keys can each enable one digital output. All the user needs to do is insert their blue, red, yellow or green ID key – corresponding to authorisation level – and this provides them with the pre-defined functions of the four 45 degree switching positions. The key can be pulled out at any time, which will disable the function immediately.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive and ease of use
  • Authentication of up to four users or groups
  • Robust in use
  • Modular construction and quick mounting
  • Aesthetic design, matching Series 45
  • Innovative RFID technology

The plastic coating of the ID keylock switches and the ID keys provide the units with IP65 protection, making them suitable even for harsh environments with operating temperatures ranging from -25degC to +70degC and an operating voltage of 24V DC. The aesthetically appealing, modular design also makes the ID keylock switches particularly attractive. Thanks to the anti-rotation device and the innovative snap-on design, they can be quickly mounted without special tools.

Follow the link for further information about the Series 45 ID keylock switches from EAO.

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