Parker metallic wear sensor sets industry benchmark in testing

Parker Kittiwake has achieved the America Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) standard for its Metallic Wear Debris Sensor (MWDS). The MWDS is fully compliant with the ASTM D7917-2014 standard of testing for metallic wear, making it a leading global particle debris sensor and setting the industry benchmark in effective metallic wear testing.

The presence of metallic debris in lubricating oil is an indication of wear within the system. By detecting this wear early, operators can prevent damage from impacting cost and operations with unplanned maintenance and downtime. Wear debris sensors employ technology able to classify the size and material composition of both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic debris, therefore indicating abnormal conditions within the system in which the sensor is installed before costly damage is caused.

ASTM D7917-2014 provides an independent third party standard which defines best practice in effective metallic wear detection. With the specification and scope of the standard defined and set by ASTM, D7917-2014 recognises the importance of online wear debris detection and monitoring in preventing unplanned maintenance. The standard ensures that compliant products offer the maximum levels of accuracy and quality, in order to achieve the best possible result for the customer.

The Parker Kittiwake Metallic Wear Debris Sensor provides a real-time analysis of the size, number and composition of the particles passing through almost any lubrication system. Combining inductive coil technology with smart algorithms to provide a particle size distribution count, the sensor measures ferrous and non-ferrous metals within the lubricant. The MWDS is tailored to separate specifications suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous applications. To allow for accurate and safe monitoring in hazardous environments, the sensor is certified for ATEX Zone 1 applications across a variety of platforms.

This sensor can be easily integrated into existing condition monitoring and operating control systems with minimal impact on cost and time required for installation and maintenance. With both digital and analogue outputs, the sensor provides instant data including the number and size of particles and the rate of generation, which, when combined with a comprehensive suite of condition monitoring tools, aids operators in planning maintenance with the least possible impact on schedule and cost, thereby preventing costly unexpected damage occurring on vital system elements.

Dr Steve Dye, business development and marketing manager, Parker Kittiwake says: "The ASTM standard for metallic wear debris sensors sets the parameters for effective testing. By achieving this standard with the Parker Kittiwake Metallic Wear Debris Sensor, we can demonstrate to our customers that our sensor complies to the utmost standards in accuracy and reliability, whilst providing the necessary data to enable them to monitor the condition of the system components. Armed with accurate and detailed data on the condition of lubricant oils, operators can effectively manage planned maintenance and periods of downtime to minimise any impact on cost."

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