Portable instrument for high-accuracy pressure measurement

The ETL Group is launching a new portable high-accuracy pressure and barometric transfer unit. Designated the model 765, it is suitable for use both on and off site, giving extremely accurate pressure measurements with a resolution of 0.001 per cent and an accuracy of 0.008 per cent of full-scale.

Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art Digiquartz transducers, this innovative instrument covers 19 absolute ranges, 0-40,000psia (276MPa), six gauge ranges from 0-200psig (1.38MPa) and three differential ranges from 0-18psid (0.12MPa). When switched on, the instrument gives pressure values in any of nine user-selectable engineering units. The easy-to-use control panel selections include taring, resolution, sampling time, number of display digits, engineering units, max/min readings, alarm points and communication parameters.

Features for the second line display include an analogue pressure bar graph, sensor temperature, rate of pressure change, and stored text or user-defined external text. Free software is included and future upgrades are easily downloaded.

An internal logger can automatically store over 390,000 high-resolution points. In addition, the 765 can be be controlled via the bidirectional RS232 or USB interfaces. The unit is fully self-contained in a rugged compact case and weighs only 3.86kg. It is powered by an included AC adapter or by rechargeable 150-hour batteries.

This versatile product has applications in metrology, aerospace, meteorology, oceanography, energy exploration, process control and laboratory instrumentation.


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