Innovations in climate control systems can reduce costs

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Effective cooling equipment can yield savings in installation, servicing and maintenance

Innovations in climate control systems can reduce costsMaintaining the operating temperature of control systems can decrease the risk of premature component failure, optimise component life expectancy and ultimately reduce costs. Rittal adopt a comprehensive approach to the selection of cooling equipment, considering energy consumption, servicing and maintenance well as procurement. Although the use of ambient air may be the most efficient form of cooling, the energy consumption of all enclosure climate control systems is constantly reducing with the incorporation of new technologies.

The use of EC motor technology, innovative component design and improved software all serve to increase energy savings, reduce costs, help conserve the environment and increase component service life.

Other innovations may also reduce costs. The electronic removal of condensate, nano-coating of condenser coils and removal of filters all yield savings in the areas of installation, servicing and maintenance. Elimination of the need to install condensate discharge hoses, empty condensate collection bottles, clean condenser coils and wash or change filters provide the ability to employ valuable resources elsewhere.

Rittal claims that their climate control products can increase the service life and reliability of electrical components and help to reduce the environmental impact and costs. To find out more, visit the Rittal website.

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