A step up in torque and productivity

New stepper motors provide ‘40% higher torque and 3% higher productivity’

EAO has introduced a new family of 56mm two-phase stepper motors that are said to offer up to 40% higher torque than existing models to reduce cycle times and improve positioning speed in end equipment, such as precision medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, CCTV cameras, ATMs and XY positioning stages.

Developed by motion control specialist Sanyo Denki, the new SanMotion SM256 Series stepper motors are available with depths ranging between 41.8 mm and 85.8 mm, and delivering holding torques spanning 0.77 Nm up to 2.5 Nm.

Operational noise cut

The manufacturer’s use of the latest automated motor winding, assembly and test procedures has reduced operational noise by 3dB(A) (typ.), compared to existing Sanyo Denki stepper motors, boosted motor efficiency by 3% and added 40% more torque. “These improvements will reduce the power consumption of end equipment, and contribute to reduced vibration and a more stable temperature curve during operation,” says Sanyo Denki UK representative EAO.

Multiple options

According to Robert Davies, EAO marketing manager, the new SanMotion SM256 Series stepper motor family comprises 24 unipolar versions and 36 bipolar versions, and include single and dual shaft types and a choice of five drive current/phase options: “Optional configuration options that facilitate easy integration into the end equipment include factory fitted encoders, electromagnetic brakes, low backlash gearboxes, connecting cables and matching drivers. All units can be further customised to meet specific customer requirements.”

The SanMotion SM256 devices offer frame sizes ranging from 14 mm to 106mm.

EAO has introduced a new family of 56mm two-phase stepper motors.
EAO has introduced a new family of 56mm two-phase stepper motors.


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