Single controller for robot and machine axes optimises productivity
Installing a robotic pick-and-place and integrated conveyor solution has increased productivity for a pharmaceutical manufacturer while maintaining regulatory compliance. Combining a vision system optimised for accuracy that assures end-to-end traceability, a single controller from Trio manages both the robot and conveyor axes, increasing reliability for the end user.
Streamlining banding machines for sustainable packaging
When sustainable bundling and banding solutions company Bandall faced the challenge of using different sensors for detecting various product formats, it turned to Omron for a solution.
Enabling Expert Technologies Group to sell remote access as a service
Expert Technologies Group’s customers get remote access for free during the project delivery phase thanks to Ixon Cloud. And after project delivery they are selling remote access as a service.
Code reader saves food manufacturer £2m per year
A high speed automatic code reader from Identify Direct in use on 26 food production lines in the UK is saving the food manufacturer over £2,000,000 per year.
Advanced Adhesives provides solution for retailer after bonding failure
When a large retailer needed help to rectify a bonding failure on the component it was importing from China, it turned to Advanced Adhesives for a solution.
Connecting robot accessories to any industrial network
For robot accessories to work efficiently, they frequently need to connect to factory networks. Robot accessories specialist RSP found the easiest way to achieve this was with the ready-made Anybus products from HMS Networks.
Photoelectrics prove vital in checking test-tubes of blood
When designing an automated handling system for picking and placing test-tubes of blood, a manufacturer of automated laboratory equipment turned to Contrinex for a system to ensure the vials were orientated the correct way around.
NSK bearings save steel wire plant over €1.2m a year
NSK’s assistance proved vital to a company experiencing repeat failures of bearings fitted to the roller assemblies of its steel wire drawing machinery. Thanks to the intervention of NSK, the customer is witnessing costs savings in excess of €1.2 million a year.
PCB coating machine uses Matara precision XY linear system
Matara UK, specialist in automation, pneumatics and linear motion products, has designed and built an XY linear system for Layton Technologies capable of providing speed and precision accuracy for a PCB coating machine, that is also able to endure corrosive atmospheres.
Electron chooses Apex gearboxes for precision and exceptional service
When Electron Engineering Services was retrofitting a grinding machine to turn it into an accurate grinder by installing servo systems instead of hydraulics, it turned to Apex Dynamics and its range of precision planetary gearboxes for high precision and high torque.
Ensuring regulatory compliance for razor blade assembly machine
When consulting services company Laicon identified the need to appoint a European Authorised Representative (EUAR) in compliance with EU Regulation 2019/1020 for a razor blade assembly machine project, it turned to Hold Tech Files.
Low-cost molecular diagnostic tests delivered using Festo technology
A new near-patient diagnostic testing system which promises to slash the waiting time for results relies on handling gantries and electric axes from Festo for pipetting and dispensing.
Solid carbide tools manufacturer standardises of NUMROTO
TN Vaerktoejsslibning, Denmark’s second-largest precision tooling company, is deploying NUMROTO, the renowned programming system for tool grinding from NUM, across its entire production floor.
Automated packaging and palletising of dental plaster
For the longest time, using robots at production sites affected by dust formation has been problematic and prone to malfunctions. A Kawasaki ZX-Series palletising robot, however, has been in problem-free and continuous use in the packaging of dental plaster for more than three years.
KEB helps Merz packaging machine achieve 900 sachets per minute
When packaging machine specialist Merz needed a servo motion solution for its latest machines, it turned to KEB Automation.
LG Motion engineers the perfect printing technique
LG Motion recently received an enquiry from a student at Southampton University to design a reverse offset printer to complete a PhD developing high-definition printed electronics.
Böllhoff relies on drive technology from KEB Automation
Based in Bielefeld, Germany, Böllhoff offers its customers system solutions – and realises these with the support of KEB Automation. Drive technology from KEB has proven to be the right choice, particularly in the area of servo technology, not least because the drive controllers lead to cost savings and require noticeably less space in the control cabinet.
Lenze works with SEaB energy to turn waste into power
Drives, controllers and IIoT connectivity from Lenze are future-proofing an innovative energy from waste solution developed by SEaB Energy.
The need for speed… and automation
Bringing parts and components to the right place and at the right time so they can be processed, assembled or equipped can be a logistical nightmare, especially when multiple lines are involved. Minitec has created a conveyor system which has met all the requirements for a European motorcar manufacturer.
NSK bearings reduce concrete floor manufacturing machine failures to zero
Regular bearing failures in a concrete floor manufacturing machine were leading to extensive downtime, costly lost production, and high maintenance costs. To rectify the problem, the customer turned to the expertise of NSK for a redesigned wheel hub and stub axle assembly.

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