New PCI riser cage fasteners fit next generation servers
Southco has expanded its successful line of DZUS quick access fasteners with a new version designed for PCI riser cages that offers quick access and shock resistance when connected to next generation server chassis models. The DZUS D9 Tech Line quick access PCI riser cage fastener assembly locks into position quickly and can be easily unfastened to save service time.
Sick launches Smart Box Detection for safe continuous material flow
Sick has launched a safety light curtain system for Smart Box Detection, designed to enable the continuous safe material flow of cartons or cuboid goods at the entry or exit points of protected areas, while safeguarding people from dangerous materials-handling, conveying or packaging machinery.
Laser line profile sensors solve a myriad of inspection and measurement tasks
Whether your task is to check alignment, guide robots, confirm weld quality, capture surface features or monitor key dimensions like gap, flushness or step changes then scanCONTROL sensors from Micro-Epsilon could well be the answer.
Security affects us all
Industrial security not only includes the protection of data, but at the same time also guarantees the integrity of safety functions and measures, as the experts at Pilz explain.
ABB RobotStudio takes to the Cloud enabling real-time collaboration
ABB has enhanced its RobotStudio robot programming and simulation software with cloud-enabled functionality. The new RobotStudio Cloud enables individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs from anywhere in the world, on any device.
Rugged strength connectors withstand harsh environments
The easy to use, well protected and compact PushPull connector series from Harting is expanding. The new Mini PushPull is a waterproof and dustproof version of the ix Industrial Ethernet interface offers fast and reliable data connectivity in demanding industrial environments and applications exposed to the elements.
NSK bearings reduce concrete floor manufacturing machine failures to zero
Regular bearing failures in a concrete floor manufacturing machine were leading to extensive downtime, costly lost production, and high maintenance costs. To rectify the problem, the customer turned to the expertise of NSK for a redesigned wheel hub and stub axle assembly.
Tailor-made cable interfaces with new online shop for Igus Module Connect
Module Connect from Igus is a space-saving connector for electrical cables, fibre optic cables and pneumatic hoses. It is mainly used where several cables are plugged into energy chains in the smallest possible space.
Kollmorgen launches the advanced P80630-SDN stepper drive
Kollmorgen has announced the new P80630-SDN stepper drive, saying customers can benefit from features such as smoothness, precision and torque across the full speed range in a significantly more compact package that enables smaller, lighter, more versatile machines.
Access the power of SMART sensors and IO-Link sensors on your phone
In February, Contrinex will launch PocketCodr, a hand-held unit which links to a Smartphone app-based configurator, making it easy to explore the power of Contrinex’s high-resolution SMART inductive and photoelectric digital-measurement sensors.
180deg screw-on hinge without hinge pin reduces assembly time
Designed to provide the same performance as the existing Emka 1056 hinge but at reduced cost and enabling lift off door operation, a new screw-on hinge suits flush mounted doors and may be interchanged with the existing 1056 design with no need to modify drawings or production.
Top trends in industrial cameras and optics
Faster and higher-resolution image sensors, interfaces that support ever increasing bandwidths, simpler integration, minIaturisation and high on-board processing power are driving innovation in machine and embedded vision applications. Paul Wilson, managing director of Scorpion Vision, charts the current trends in cameras and components.
Readychains and readycables: one supplier for an easy solution
With manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide, Igus reports that customers are increasingly turning to it for complete systems for their cables and connector requirements.
What really matters in drives for plastics machinery
Benjamin Mönnig, Head of Application Sales at KEB Automation, explains what is important in plastics technology and why increased sustainability and plastics processing can work together in practice.
Omron predicts top five automation trends for 2023
While a new year is upon us, with all its opportunities, Omron Europe names the top five trends that will impact and shape industrial automation in 2023 and beyond.
Types of hinges and where to use them
Choosing the appropriate hinge is an important step in the design process of many product applications, but with so many hinge types available, how can engineers ensure that they are choosing the right one? Stewart Beck, global product manager at Southco, explores the design considerations.
Secure and easy locking with latches with hidden fastening holes
New in the Norelem product range are latches with hidden fastening holes, combining functionality with an attractive design.
Feedforward in motion control improves positioning accuracy
Gerard Bush, engineer at motion specialist, Inmoco, explains the importance of feedforward in motion control applications.
Managed TSN switches for real-time-capable networks
With the new firmware 3.20, new Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functions are available for the managed TSN switches from Phoenix Contact.
CLPA continues to ramp up support for TSN
The development ecosystem for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology is expanding further, thanks to a range of new solutions to deliver CC-Link IE TSN compatible products developed by CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) members.

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