Ensure your machines go the distance
As sustainability moves towards the forefront of people's minds, the whole lifecycle of products comes under scrutiny, including manufacturing equipment – no matter the industry. Therefore as designers the importance of condition based maintenance has never been more prevalent.
Pilz holistic solutions for secured access and secure data
In every company there are areas that need to be protected from unwanted access. However, it's important not only to protect the human from the machine, but also the machine from the human. As a result, it’s necessary to consider machinery safety and industrial security in equal measure.
Electrify your cylinders
There are many reasons why to switch from hydraulic cylinders to electromechanical cylinders. Heavy duty electromechanical cylinders ensure high linear speed even at high loads, precise control of positioning and accuracy, consistent speed and force, less energy consumption and lower installation costs.
Abssac delivers ready to fit precision lead screw and nut designs
Working together with its customers Abssac strives to reduce customer scrap rates by supplying ball and leadscrew solutions that fit directly into the application.
Maintenance-free urban bike is made from recycled plastics
Introducing the world’s first bicycle made from recycled plastic: a maintenance-free urban bike that is lubrication-free.
AC induction motors address the global chip shortage
Simple, standard applications are well served by AC induction motors, says Oriental Motor’s Paul Jepson. In this global chip shortage, the appeal of a chip-less motor with high IP ratings and low lead times has never been more apparent.
ELC 100 safety light curtains from Leuze
The ELC 100 safety light curtains from Leuze focus on the essentials when safeguarding points of operation. For applications with an operating range of up to six metres, the robust devices are perfect for cost-effective machine designs.
IFM releases new flow sensor for high-pressure applications
Designed specifically for accurate measurement of liquid flow rates in high-pressure applications, even if the flow rate is fluctuating rapidly, the new SBZ224 flow sensor from IFM Electronic is said to be ideal for monitoring and logging the performance of high-pressure cleaning systems.
Large DIY palletiser robot from Igus at a low price
Igus says its drylin XXL gantry robot is up to 60% cheaper than comparable robot solutions and is particularly easy to put into service, with free online configuration help.
Contactless monitoring of Igus cables in e-chains
Smart monitoring of bus and data cables from Igus has entered the next phase with the launch of the new i.Sense CF.D monitoring sensors.
Engineering software for control cabinet building
Phoenix Contact says its clipx Engineer software provides increased efficiency, with time and effort in the design process being reduced through the use of prefabricated projects.
Nord DuoDrive now with powers of up to 3 kW
The patented DuoDrive integrated gear unit/motor concept from in a hygienic wash-down design Nord Drivesystems is now available in power ranges of up to 3 kW.
Flexible design integration for clean in place servo motor
Kollmorgen’s AKMH servo motor for clean in place (CIP) applications now has an extended OEM integration capability with an increased range of design options available.
Aluminium handwheel range now includes solid dish design
WDS Components has extended its three spoke aluminium handwheel range, adding a solid wheel plus a two spoke design. The solid handwheels increase safety by removing the risk of finger trap.
High-resolution module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems
Analog Devices is claiming an industry first with a high-resolution, industrial quality, indirect Time-of-Flight (iToF) module for 3D depth sensing and vision systems.
Cool successor with sustainable DNA
Rittal is expanding its smart cooling unit solutions by adding the new Blue e+ S range. This latest generation of cooling units with their lower output categories of 300, 500, and 1,000 W have been designed for efficiency, ensuring a smaller footprint and lower costs.
Axis Harvesting and Igus automate mushroom harvesting
Automating production is becoming the focus of many companies and Axis Harvesting is no exception. From weighing to packaging the punnets, automation helps alongside humans to process over 90 tonnes of mushrooms per week.
Pinet hinges with parallelogram links from the FDB Online store
FDB Panel Fittings now offers concealed, internal hinges from Pinet with parallelogram links as typically used in small cabinets or wall-mounted enclosures.
Fronius launches CWC-S cobot welding cell
High acquisition costs for welding robots and professional programming expertise are at odds with small batch sizes, but the CWC-S cobot welding cell from Fronius provides a solution to this mismatch.
Closing the market gap between industrial camera and webcam
Unlike webcams from the consumer sector, the uEye XC from IDS is specially designed for industrial requirements. Its components score with long availability – a must for industrial applications.

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